Wear London is a brand driven by its values, which hold the highest importance in our operation. 

Our primary value is to bring back manufacturing to the UK in a sustainable manner. We spend time visiting the best mills in Italy & other parts of Europe to source our limited but select fabrics.


Our brand's transparency is crucial. Unlike most brands we have worked hard to minimise our product footprint and build relationships in which we work directly with our manufacturers. Resulting in Wear London being able to deliver a high quality product without a large footprint in our supply chain. 


"It has always been important for me to make product in the UK,” says Lea. “For 40 years I have stuck rigidly to doing it and through some very difficult times. I have never gone away from that."



All of our products are handcrafted in our London Factory. The team visit the factory regularly ensuring a strong bond is formed between our clothing makers and our in-store team. Making sure our specialist clothing makers understand our brand ethos is key to us producing quality products where attention to detail is distinguished.


By merging carefully curated designs with quality fabrics and resources, the outcome that we see visible in-store and online is to be proud of and is something that we constantly look forward to sharing with you all.


The way we operate as a brand is unique and to an extent like no other. Rather than churning out collection after collection with no real exclusivity, we prefer to release one-off items as and when they're designed and made. Every single item we make is Limited Edition and so we see our customers appreciate that. When you purchase something from us, it's something special and only one of few.