Sustainability & Fred the Donkey

A wise old man once said, we haven't inherited the Earth from our parents, we have borrowed it from our children, although i have to say a big thank you to my Dad (or Fred the Donkey as he was known to his close friends) for my inheritance.
That beautiful well endowed segway leads us to talk about the narrative which is sustainability.  
Here at Wear London the bulk of the fabric we buy is from Italy, Prato is the town just an organic stones throw from Florence, this old industrial town is the zeitgeist of recycled fabric production, using fabric garnered from jumpers, suits, trousers, overcoats etc, in fact any garments with a wool content. They are then compressed into bales this special process strips the aforementioned garments back to fibres and its called mechanical wool.
Although the fibres are not as fine as virgin wool they are able to be reintroduced to the production cycle without having to be dyed, saving the environment the impact of this process.
This is what gives Wear London it's gravitas, combine that with all garments made in our London factory which is shipped out from our warehouse which is 1.5 miles from our production hub, and no to far to Re-Cycle, I believe Wear London is doing its bit for our Carbon footprint.
So my thanks goes out to my Italian fabric partners - friends that go back 40 years for the most inventive and beautiful designs, and finally thanks Dad you had an enormous influence on me and my sustainability.