Return of the Mac. (it's coming home)

Upon us all, Upon us all, a little rain must fall.
While raincoats have taken many forms over the millennia, the first waterproof raincoat was created following the patent by the mercurial Scottish chemist Charles MacIntosh in 1824. 
He wanted to create a fabric that could protect the wearer from rain without being harmed by the water. 
Now here at Wear London we are manufacturing beautiful mac's in a variety of styles, nothing prosaic about our selection; short, long, funnel neck, double breasted, a veritable smorgasbord of styles and fabrics. All our macs have one thing in common, they are all showerproof my friends, in fact if you furnish yourself with our delectable mac's and the heavens open, you will be dryer than Tottenham Hotspurs Trophy Cabinet, as dry as the pool on the Titanic, as dry as the Mojave desert, as dry as the acerbic wit of Oscar Wilde, as dry as Matt Hancock's in tray, as dry as Shane Mcgowan's mini bar after a night out in Grafton Street Dublin, as dry as, well you get the point. These bad boys keep you dry and come in a variety of colours; Navy, Stone, Khaki, Camel to name but a few, they're stylish, a fabulous fit and perfect for the inclement weather that besieges our magnificent Island. All this from £120, whats not to like? 
Fabric garnered from the shores of Lake Como in Italy from one of the most influential fabric mills in the world, manufactured in our factory in the heartland of London's east end.
These beautiful garments, as  alluded to by the machiavellian Mark Morrison in his massive hit 'return of the mack' are, indeed...back!
(please allow me artistic licence on the spelling of mack, which I have nuanced to our advantage - but you get the gist my friends).
Now zip up your Hunter wellies and don your Prada waterproof fisherman's hat and venture down to 105b Commercial street, because in the words of one of the best songwriters on the planet, take a bow Mr. Randy Newman, I think it's going to rain today.     
This is the mystery of the quotient.