London Calling

There is no I in team, but in Wear London's team there is a huge E, for experience not Ego,, lets not go there. 
Now I am fully aware that fashion is a young man's game, but look at the luminaries still plying their trade and as relevant today as they have always been; Paul Smith, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood, Armani, to name a few golden oldies. In Wear London, admittedly, not as old as the aforementioned designers but picked purely for their manufacturing and design experience. 
Now lets start from the top - a very good place to start;
Jim - Loves bottoms. Thats trousers to you and me, for 45 years, no-one knows how to cut a better pattern or make a pair of jeans quite like this gentleman. 
Paul - 'Mr. Retail' as they lovingly refer to him, also a shirt expert par excellence, an exquisite eye for detail, shame about the other one. 
Alex - Bringing the average age down to a mere 68, may look like a choir boy but has been involved in the design and production of outerwear for 16 years and taught by the master, yours truly of course. 
Dave - Retail Assistant, 30 years running Firetrap, one of the most successful Jean brands of the last 20 years. 
Robbie -  Nephew of Jim - Loves Bottoms, runs in the family...although he is less interested in trousers. He is an integral part of the team couldn't live without him.
Yours Truly - No-one but no-one knows as many bottoms restaurants as Y.T. ; friends of every Maître D' in town, wine expert, only in the amount of volume consumed and all round Joie de vivre.
So thats the team, cheers everybody or should I say 'Bottoms Up!'.
London is Calling out.